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Donald N. Levine, PhD, Peter B. Ritzma Professor Emeritus of Sociology and former dean of the College, University of Chicago

As an accredited expert on conditions in an important region of the world, over the past 20 years I have been involved in numerous cases involving Americans who come from that region. In my work, I have had occasion to collaborate with some two-dozen lawyers from all over the U.S. Mr. LeFan ranks with the very best of these, including several who are his senior by decades. Given a choice, I would pick LeFan over any of them. He is sharp, quick, alert, knowledgeable, and congenial. At present, Mr. Le Fan has taken on a criminal case that has perplexed a number of attorneys over the course of several years. Not long ago he joined me on a visit to the client in prison. Although I have previously visited the client a number of times, LeFan found ways to expedite the admissions process, of which I had not previously known. Once there, I found it comforting to see how quickly and competently he moved to take charge of the case. During a two-hour visit at the prison, he gained the confidence of the inmate, and assembled a good deal of pertinent information, which led him to develop a scenario for securing the client's parole beyond which I had realized was possible. I heartily recommend this energetic, smart, and promising young attorney.

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